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University of Houston - Executive M.B.A. 2011

University of Houston - B.B.A. Finance 2005 (Cum Laude)

University of Houston - B.B.A. Management 2005 (Cum Laude)

Areas of Expertise

    • Sales & Leadership100%
    • Real Estate90%
    • Mortgages80%

Professional Licenses

Residential Mortgage Broker (NMLS 2017)

Real Estate Broker (TREC 2007)

Real Estate Salesperson (TREC 2003)


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  • 1999

    Honorable Discharge
    After getting Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps, I found myself jobless after being rejected by many employers due to not having a degree. So, I decided to use my G.I. Bill and enroll in college.
  • 2000

    Houston Fire Department
    I joined the Houston Fire Dept., joined the 1st Battalion/23rd Marines Infantry Reserve unit in Houston, TX, and began courses at Houston Community College.
  • 2003

    TREC License
    In order to make more money, I earned my Texas Real Estate License and then transferred to the University of Houston to pursue a Degree in Business Administration.
  • 2005

    BBA Finance & Management - U of H
    I graduated from the University of Houston with a BBA in Finance & Management and accepted a job as a Personal Banker. After realizing that the corporate wasn’t for me, I quit after my 2nd day of training, and decided to go all in with Real Estate as a career.
  • 2007

    Independent Brokerage
    I opened up my own Boutique/Independent Real Estate Brokerage and began to grow my business and work on my extensive Real Estate Education.
  • 2011

    Executive MBA - U of H
    Wanting to enhance my Education and Business Skills, I enrolled the University of Houston and began the Executive MBA Leadership program and graduated in 2013.
  • 2013

    Joined RE/MAX
    After being rejected for several listings because I wasn’t associated with a National Real Estate Company, I realized that brand does matter and may influence a customer’s decision. After 30 days of research, I decided to join RE/MAX because of its strong brand, culture of growth, history of productivity, and world-wide reach.
  • 2014

    Opened own RE/MAX Franchise
    I opened a RE/MAX franchise in East Downtown Houston, and quickly grew to over 50 agents within 2 years. This proved to me that Brand plays a huge role with growth & productivity.
  • 2017

    Motto Mortgage - Franchise
    The opportunity to add a Motto Mortgage Franchise as an Ancillary business was presented to me. After much consideration, I decided to proceed with it in order to help more people and provide a value added service to our Realtors and clients.
  • 2018

    Real Estate Brokerage - Merger
    I merged my Real Estate Brokerage with RE/MAX Top Realty because I realized they had what my brokerage lacked; a superior training program and the best Real Estate Broker & Mentor in Texas.
  • 2020

    Further Diversification
    I launched in order to educate Homebuyers and link them up with local-experienced Professionals that will guide them with their home purchase and make sure they get the best deal possible at the lowest costs.
  • 2022

    Family friendly development in Corpus Christi, TX which includes live entertainment, food & games, and a rooftop terrace.
The Sky’s the Limit and the Future is bright for those who have the desire, attitude, and work ethic to achieve their goals & dreams by doing whatever it takes.

Major Accomplishments

-2017 | Residential Mortgage Broker | NMLS | Houston, TX
-2007 | Real Estate Broker | TREC | Houston, TX
-2003 | Real Estate Salesperson | TREC | Houston, TX


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Whether it’s Real Estate, Mortgages, Volunteering, Veteran Affairs, or Need Advice & Direction, I’d love to Help Out.

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